14h00 | Registration 

14h30 | Opening with Sra. Secretária de Estado da Justiça, Anabela Pedroso

14h45 | Opening of Best for Cascais Awards

  • Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais

    15h30 | B Inspired Program

    Inspiring talks and welcome session

    • Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield Farms
    • Arnoud Raskin, Streetwize / Mobile School
    • Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Yoni

    16h30 | Bcorps Sharing moments with a Market place for Bcorps products

    23 JUNE

    Casa das Histórias

    Event Host – Fernanda Freitas

    14h00 | Impact Bonds: Learning and experiencing together

    Open learning sessions moment: mentoring, Pitches & feedback, IES-SBS knowledge and networking

    09h50 | Welcome Session

    • Miguel Alves Martins, President of IES-SBS

    15h30 | Starfish Leadership: Learning communities and SI networks

    Moderator: Carlos Azevedo, IES-SBS

    • Nadine Asmar, BRDI & Mowgli Foundation
    • Frederico Fezas Vital, Ashoka Portugal
    • António Miguel, Social Investment Lab

    10h00 | Impact Economy: The next Future

    Moderator: Filipe Santos, Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics

    • Indy Johar, Project 00
    • Christoph Birkholz, Impact Hub

    16h30 | Closing Session

    • Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE
    • Carlos Azevedo, IES-SBS
    • Miguel Pinto Luz, Councilman of Cascais

    11h00 | Coffee-break

    16h40 | Impact Celebration: What's next?

    • Ricardo Zózimo, IES-SBS
    • Filipa Pires de Almeida, IES-SBS

    11h30 | Shared Value: We are what we share

    Moderator: Filipe Almeida, Estrutura de Missão Portugal Inovação Social (Governmental structure for Social Innovation)

    • Rita Megre, Girl Move
    • Peter Mangan, The Freebird Club
    • Hugo Menino Aguiar, Speak
    • Elias Sadkni, House of Peace

    17h00 | Farewell & Cocktail

    13h00 | Free lunch