Elias Sadkni  has witnessed the war in his country since it began almost six years ago. After graduating in 2007 and working for 5 years as a pharmacist, Elias saw the urgent need for humanitarian aid around him caused by the conflict. Joining the team of the Jesuit Refugee Service, Elias worked as Assistant Project Director and then as Assistant Country Director. Also, Elias became a member of the Public Urgent Issues Committee in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Aleppo.

In 2013, Elias pursued his studies at the University of Sussex and had Master’s Degree in Conflict Security and Development. Elias wrote his dissertation on civil society and peacebuilding in Syria, examining how grassroots organizations can contribute to the peacebuilding process.

Elias returned to the region in 2014 to set up his peace-building organization, which he called House of Peace. Based in Lebanon and Syria, the organization is dedicated to transform peace from a concept to practice in order to enhance social peace within local communities through supporting community-based initiatives and promote the concept of conflict sensitivity.