Hugo Menino de Aguiar

Hugo is a co-founder and Director of Associação Fazer Avançar, a non-profit that educates, trains and mobilizes youth to be agents of social change. He is also co-founder of SPEAK and is currently building this social tech startup that connects migrants, refugees and locals through a language and culture exchange program and events - helping them to feel integrated in the city where they moved to. It breaks barriers, promotes multilingualism, equality and democratizes language learning.

Mentor of IES - Social Business School and tech 4 social change startups. He is a Global Shaper @ World Economic Forum, was

recognized by INSEAD has one of top 3 young social entrepreneurs with more potential in Portugal and by UNAOC as one of top 20 in the Euro-Med region.

Took his MSc in Computer Science Engineering at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he was also Assistant Professor. Was awarded with scholarships for research and lecturing. Worked as marketing geek, R&D and developer @ OutSystems, a successful startup. Moved to Google, divided his time between Dublin and Mountain View to work as online community specialist in 17 different languages. Was awarded with a Google golden award due to his efficiency and productivity and was promoted to product manager. Later on left Google to build SPEAK.